About us

Investment Promotion Agency (API)

the market leader in the formal and legal services, environmental, and social communication for infrastructure investments, especially in the field of network infrastructure.

For over 20 years, we have been supporting the development of transmission networks for electricity and natural gas, constantly participating in projects affecting Poland's energy security.

The history of API

API - from the set up to establishing its business profile - is the original concept of API’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Andrzej Czajkowski. Being involved in the construction of the Nowa Sarzyna gas pipeline and the undersea Poland and Scandinavia power cable connection, Mr. Czajkowski noticed a potential on the market in the form of providing formal and legal services and social communication for infrastructure investments. It became an inspiration to establish a new Company.

“Infrastructure investments require formal, legal, and communication services at the highest level.
A company that can provide such services makes a significant element of the investment process, ensuring completion of the investment on time and at the estimated costs."

Chairman of the Board,
Andrzej Czajkowski

API Team

Mutual respect in relations with Customers and within the Company is our main priority. We use our experience in everyday work, exchange knowledge, and support other team members. It allows us to understand our Clients' needs and offer them the best services they require.

Always aiming for the best results, we operate both: within a company's standard structure and in project teams created to meet the specific expectations of customers and unusual situations.

We believe that such a combination is the best response to the market's demand.

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