Professional infrastructure
investment services
for over 20 years

400 kv power line
was commissioned
for operation in state grid

we have obtained
grid connection
conditions for more
than 360 mw

we spearheaded
to the adoption of
91 urban
ordinance plans

we obtained
177 construction
permissions for
investment related objects

api delivered solutions
to build 1,830 km
of 400, 220, and 110 kv

chełm-lublin systemowa
400 kv power line
officially integrated
into state grid

along with rdep
we support
of the osprey species

we obtained 
28 location
decisions for
transmission investments

we spearheaded
to the adoption of
140 zoning plans

we succesfully passed
29 eia's for objects
included to 1st
group of impact

with our assistance,
14 power stations
were built

we participated
in construction of
3 energy blocks
of system power plants

api provided
formal documentation
for 267 km
of gas and oil pipelines

we participated in building
72 wind farms
with accompanying

we were awarded by
ipma ppea 2019
for the best-managed
investment project

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